Yogurt: Type, health benefits, risk and make

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What is Yogurt?

The main ingredient of yogurt is milk.It is a kind of dairy products. It prepared from milk, bake bacteria. First Lactic acid is made through lactose. It works with milk proteins to make  flavors. In the world, it is a favorite food for everyone. Dairy is very important as nutritious and delicious food.

Types of yogurt

There are many types of it. The names of different types of it are given below.

  • Sweet yogurt.
  • Sour yogurt.

How to make sweet curd


  • Liquid milk = 750 ml.
  • Sugar = 1 tablespoon.
  • Water = 3 cups.
  • Yogurt seed = 1/2 cup.


Pour milk in a bowl. Half of the milk with heat. Sugar with water in another pot is to be melted. Sugar must be melted in such a way that sugar is not burnt. Turn off the heat when the sugar is light brown. After milk half of them, add melted sugar to them. If the milk is hot, then mix fresh into the milk. Then pour the milk in the clay pot. Then keep refrigerated for 10 to 12 hours. Then serve with nuts on it.

How to Make sour Yogurt


  • Milk=2 litters.
  • Yogurt= 2tablespoons.
  • Clay pot.


First, the milk will be poured into the container and it will heat. That is, the heat cannot be given more than 40 degrees Celsius. Put hot milk in pottery. There is a little  amount of fresh curd in this clay pot. Place the plastic tub on the pot. Keep it for seven to eight hours. Then make it.

Nutrition quantity of yogurt

Nutrition  quantity of curd is much more. So you can keep it in the food list every day. The amount of nutrients its below. The nutrition  value of 100 grams of it is mentioned below:

  • Carbohydrates= 4.7 gm.
  • Sugar = 4.7 gm.
  • Power = 61 kcal.
  • Protein = 3.5 gm.
  • Fat = 3.31gm.
  • Soothing fat = 2.1gm.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin B12.
  • Riboflavin (B2) = 0.14mg.
  • Calcium = 121mg.

The above mentioned nutrition  are found in every 100 grams of yogurt.

Why eat sour yogurt

Sour yogurt is very useful for the body. Every day the food should be kept in it. Its  contains vitamins, mineral, etc. The amount of bacteria in sour  is very highly and very useful for health. Its contains more calcium, vitamin B, potash than milk. The amount of bacteria that are available in. It is very beneficial for the body. It destroys harmful bacteria from the body and increases digestion. The benefits that Sour it, they are discussed below.

  1. Creates useful bacteria in the body and increases digestion.
  2. Its has lactic acid. It removes constipation in the body and prevents diabetes.
  3. Those who can not digest milk, they can take it.
  4. Its removes cold fever.
  5. Its colon cancer beneficial food for the patient.
  6. It helps reduce body weight.
  7. Its regulates the body’s hypertension (one cup per day is enough).
  8. Its decreases body cholesterol.
  9. Due to eating regular sour yogurt, diabetes is reduced.
  10. Its did not collect toxin in your body and clean the intestines.
  11.  Increases the immunity of the body.
  12. Its contains plenty of calcium, vitamins, minerals, vitamin D, etc.
  13. Its stops premature aging and hair off ripe.
  14. Its helps to purify the blood.
  15. Its is a lot benefit to reduce pain.

The benefits of sour yogurt and sweet curd

To minimize micro nutrient deficits

The yogurt is very beneficial to eliminate the shortage of micro nutrients. There is a large amount of calcium, zinc, magnesium in the yogurt. As a result, the body enhances the immunity and disease prevention.

Skin beauty increases

For the enhancement of skin beauty, It is very important. Mix yogurt and lemon juice in the amount, you can use face skin. Vitamin E, phosphorus and zinc are available in it. Therefore, it is very beneficial.

The removal of the tongue in the East infection

It has very important removed in East Infections. Due to the beneficial bacteria of it, it helps to destroy other harmful germs.

To remove skin tan

It is very  benefit for remove tan of skin. If you use daily it, in your tan area, your tan will be removed.

Benefit bacteria in  yogurt

The benefit bacteria in the yogurt are discuss….

Probiotic bacteria

The benefits of probiotics bacteria in it, It is discussed below-

Increase in immunity:

Probiotic bacteria in the yogurt increase the immunity of the body. If you are suffering from secretion or fever, then you need to have probiotics in your body.

Reduces belly fat:

Probiotic bacteria help reduce body fat. Probiotic bacteria in the stomach prevent excess fat from accumulating. Pregnant women are possibility to be fat, Probiotic bacteria reduce the possibility.

Safe from the Stash

Stash causes much damage to your stomach. Accepting probably food regularly can be safe from stash.

Stomach problems

The stomach problem meaning is Dysentery, diarrhea, food poison and constipation etc. If you eat regular yogurt, it can be safe from these problems.

Cholesterol levels control

Probiothetic bacteria in yogurt increases digestion. Absorb the necessary nutrients. Helps reduce body fat.

Benefits of Yogurt during pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to eat calcium meals. This will increase the child’s tooth bones and muscles. At this time a woman can drink enough milk and alternative foods can eat it. But many people think, it is safe to eat yogurt during pregnancy? Yes, it is safe to eat during pregnancy. Because it is very beneficial for health. It contains calcium and increases digestion. There are also plenty of beneficial bacteria in it. These are destroy harmful bacteria. Besides, the other benefits are discussed below.

The body cools

It is very benefit to keep the body cool during pregnancy. You can eat spicy food with it.

Hypertension Prevention

In pregnancy, It is many benefits for health. One of the main problems during pregnancy is hypertension. The hypertension will be prevented by eating it every day.

Maintains the normal color of the skin

Pregnant women are changing the normal color of the skin and the skin is dry. If you eat regular it during pregnancy, your skin will remain in normal condition.

Weight control during pregnancy

In cress weight during pregnancy is normal but extra weight incress is not good for health. This time yogurt is very benefit for keep body weight control.

Finally, it is very benefit for human body. It is very easy to make and the price of the market is very low. If we have to stay healthy need to eat yogurt every day. 

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