What is Mental health first aid & Solve Problems

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What is Mental health first aid ?

Mental health first aid is very important. World Health Day on 10th October. Mental health first aid- First aid, we understand, a first aid box, Where there are bandages, savlon, detol, cotton. That is, what is needed for first treatment will be there. These are called physical first aid. Mental health first aid is psychological first aid. There is no medicine filled in the box here. We are aware of this need for mental health first aid. When there is a destructive thing in front of you – in one place, then what is the need of that place? Then first place the security needed in that place. There are many people who will help. Different professional psychologists, social workers, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers are all needed. Those who suffer during this time think they are in safety And if they think that they are insecure, then they have to work to get their security back “We are there and nothing to fear”. This time they are very helpless. Then they will have to stand beside the time. To help solve problems.

First aid training for mental health services.

When you think about primary care, Then you think, maybe someone who got physical injuries helped him. In this case, , you have tried to change the idea of ​​how to see the primary treatment. Recently, people from different professions were trained on Mental Health first aid. Every year the training on mental health first aid is held. They cause problems with mental problems and drug use, they have come to know the symptoms. It has been said in the report that people of every level of life are present here. Those who come to learn Mental health first aid will know what to do in trouble. How to help the victims and how to give them all. We all want to know how Mental health changes people’s ideas about first aid. When we break a limb of our body, we consult a doctor very quickly, Likewise, if there is any mental problem, treat it without concealing anything. Specialist doctor’s say this kind of training CPR. That is, how to help someone who suffers from problems related to any organs in the body, that’s why training is done, You have compared the training. During this training, there are individuals, anxiety problems, depression related, know the risky condition of any problem. The purpose of this training, as soon as the problem begins, may be able to know that its a problem. He may know that the signs go before the horrible stage. Any specialist can consult. Training is important for those who work with children, specialist thinks.

Mental health first aid is not negligent

It is not okay to ignore mental health first aid. Because of the mental problems you or your child or any person may be facing many problems. It is often seen that many people are victims of evening or have committed suicide after divorce.The mother also killed her child, killing her children in the hands of her parents, the number of drug addiction increased day by day, Schizophrenia – Many people are losing their ability due to depression and other mental disorders. These incidents are due to mental illness. Therefore, mental health should not be neglected first aid. Receive advice from a specialist doctor as soon as possible.

Integrated medical needs are needed for mental health first aid development

Psychiatrists discuss mental  health first aid with great importance. They said the integrated treatment needs to be related to the development of Mental Health first aid. Besides, they say there is no sound in the medical sciences mad. It is necessary to remove the consciousness, long and negative attitude towards mental health. This service will increase the infrastructure, increase the infrastructure, increase the allocation and increase the integrated treatment. Psychiatrists advise mental health to include primary health care. However, patient needs patient patient treatment. In this case, the patient’s patience is more than boys. Common mental patients require long-term treatment and the cost of treatment of this disease is very high. Many people of undeveloped or developing countries can not take treatment due to lack of money. Therefore, every country government will have to take the initiative to reduce medical costs.

Who should get advice about mental health first aid?

When there is a problem in our body, for example: When skin is present in the skin, we go to the doctor in the skin department. Likewise, different specialist doctors for mental health or mental health is available. We will discuss those who work on mental health, They are diagnosed with mental disorders and experts. Now we will discuss a few types of experts, You understand who you are going to need during the time of need.


What is a psychiatrist?

Psychiatric Treatment. By which various mental diseases can be diagnosed, diagnosed and treated. Psychiatric specialists call the medical psychiatrist.

Who is a psychiatrist?

The person who treats mental health problems is called a psychiatrist. They are trained on human body, brain, brain work and other things. They can provide the most information about the differences in mental and physical problems. How can a psychiatrist say the problems of the patient? Because psychiatrists have psychiatric doctors, They perform various psychological tests on the patient, After understanding the patient’s mental condition, after examining the patient, they gained knowledge about the patient and apply treatment to them.

The medical procedures that psychiatrists use

Psychiatrists use medication as well as medical treatment. If necessary, they can get the patient admitted to the hospital. If they need psychotherapy, then they want to go to the clinical psychologist.

So, psychiatrists play a very important role for Mental health first aid.


What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and conduct of science-based people. People are tested for their own thoughts, emotional works. Due to psychological knowledge, all of your problems can solve even psychological problems.

Who is a psychologist?

They are called psychologists who have a degree in psychology. Those people who understand the behavior of people, It has been a scientific way to think and review differently, they say psychologists. By proving the process, they are reviewing various problems of human life.

What is a psychological examination?

Psychological examination is a method by which people’s ability, intelligence, etc. is measured. These tests depend on various psychological information. During this test, a lot of work was given to the person. Through all these tests, a psychologist can tell how much he can do. There is also an unconscious test. In this way can be Mental health first aid.


What is counseling?

Try to solve human behavioral problems, emotional problems, problems for society, etc. through counseling. People are faced with various problems in daily life. In this case, guidance can help in the right way. It is kept completely confidential.

Who is the councilor?

Councilor is an expert. He consulted people with different suggestions. He gave various correct suggestions to the people. If a consultant realizes that, The person is not progressing in any way,  Then they can take the right advice to the psychologist. However, counselors play a significant role in Mental health first aid.

Psychiatric Nurses

Psychiatric nurse is a mental health specialist. Psychiatric nurse treats people with a diagnosis of mental illness. They try to understand the mental needs of the patient by grouping with family groups and so on. However, psychiatric nurses play a very important role in Mental health first aid.

Psychiatric Social Worker

Psychiatric social workers are the people of his social problems, helps solve the problem of life. A patient’s relationship, workplaces, lifestyle issues, and many problems are over. A psychiatrist tried to solve the problems of a social worker. However, psychiatric social service plays an important role in Mental health first aid.

When should you receive Mental Health first aid?

Around 4 people worldwide have experienced some kind of psychological problem. These patients do not receive first aid. It is said in the study that mental health problems are reduced when mental health is properly treated. How do you know you will have to take mental health care. But you can ask yourself some questions. Example.

  1. Do your feelings obstruct your daily life?
  2. How strong is your feeling?
  3. Are you witnessing a hardship incident repeatedly?
  4. Are you trying to reduce the intensity of feeling through any medication or narcotics yourself?
  5. Are you  feeling, headache, stomach ache?
  6. Your physical resistance is decreasing?
  7. Are you losing love to your hobby?
  8. Do you feel pain with others’ relationships?
  9. Are you getting negative feedback on your career?
  10. Your loved ones are expressing concern about you?
  11. You are suffering from depression, which you cannot be published to anyone?

If the above questions are to be welcomed, Then you will need Mental Health first aid and accept the advice to a psychiatric doctor as soon as possible.

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