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What are the symptoms of gestational diabetes?

Symptoms of gestational diabetes, If symptoms of gestational diabetes are usually shown in pregnant women, then its called symptoms of gestational diabetes. Usually pregnancy check is done between 24 to 28 weeks. At this time do the blood glucose measurement. Diabetes is then detected. But if the doctor thinks you are more at risk of getting diabetes, At the time of ANC checkup, you may be asked to check for diabetes. After 24 to 28 weeks, check the diabetes again. Sometimes symptoms of gestational diabetes are not available. But sometimes there may be some symptoms. Here are some of the following symptoms:

  • Urine repeatedly

One of the symptoms of gestational diabetes is urine repeated. If you have urine again and again, please consult the nearest doctor.

Despite the increase in hunger, if the weight of the body goes down,  then it is the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Meanwhile, the doctor should consult.       

  • Nausea and vomiting

It is also a symptom of gestational diabetes, vomiting and vomiting. However, it is not possible to say anything without confirmation of diabetes test.

It is considered as it when it appears blurred in pregnancy. However, if these symptoms arise, the doctor should consult.

  • Repeated urine infections

Pregnant mothers often have it. However, if such problems arise, then the doctor should be seen very quickly.

  • More thirsty

More thirsty symptoms of gestational diabetes. However, it is not possible to confirm the doctor’s advice or blood glucose without checking.

  • Excessive fatigue or depression

Excessive fatigue it. However, blood glucose must be checked at this time.

However, if you see the above symptoms, you should consult your doctor and take diabetes.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes detection

Symptoms of gestational diabetes need to be first diagnosed with blood glucose levels. During pregnancy, if the level of glucose in the mother’s blood is higher than normal, it is considered as (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus/ GDM )  pregnancy diabetes. Glucose levels of blood in empty stomach in the morning at 6.1 millimol or more and if the blood glucose level is 7.8 millimol or more than two hours after eating 75 grams of glucose, it will be detected as pregnant diabetes.

Why Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes Occur?

Symptoms of gestational diabetes due to the high levels of glucose in the mother’s body. Studies show that at least 10 percent of women are in the possibility of pregnancy diabetes. In pregnancy, the placenta produces different types of hormones for frozen growth. Due to the extra hormones, more insulin is produced in the mother’s body for proper use of glucose in the mother’s body. The mother’s body is suddenly not ready for this change. As a result, insulin cannot release enough. As a result, blood glucose levels increase and symptoms of gestational diabetes occur.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes can cause harm ?

Symptoms of gestational diabetes can be caused by the following:

  • Increased risk of childbirth.
  • Unborn baby may be born.
  • The size of the child increases.
  • Problems arise during delivery.
  • The risk of mother pre eclampsia increases.
  • If there is an eye or a rabbit problem before pregnancy, then it is possible to increase.
  • Maternal embryo deaths can occur.
  • It may result in the above losses.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes are more likely to occur?

Symptoms of gestational diabetes are more likely to be discussed.

  • Whose body weight is more than usual.
  • Those who are over 25 years old.
  • If any other family member has diabetes.
  • If there is ever an abortion before.
  • If the pregnant baby dies.
  • Repeated vaginal discharge of fungal infection.
  • Before the birth of a baby weighing heavily.
  • Locally, people in some areas are more likely to have diabetes. For example: East Asia or Africa region.

It can occur if one or more of the above risks occur.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes mother and child complications?

It can lead to problems like mother and child.

For the mother

  • During pregnancy blood pressure may increase.
  • Urine may cause infection on the street.
  • The child may be lost.
  • The head should be stuck in the delivery time, but the shoulder can be stuck.

In case of child

  • The head can be bigger.
  • Birth defects can occur.

So, it can lead to problems related to mother and child.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes for medical treatment

Symptoms of gestational diabetes, which are to be followed, are discussed below..

  • It is best to use insulin injection only for the treatment of pregnancy diabetes. At the time of gestational diabetes, it is better to not eat medicines.
  • Those who have diabetes before and eat  medication, they should abstain from taking medication after conception. It is good to use their insulin in this case.
  • There are many women who do not need their pregnancy diabetes medication. In their case, dietary changes, physical exercises make the body healthy.
  • The main points of control of gestational diabetes are: Proper diet control, light exercise, determination of diabetes levels at regular intervals.
  • The pregnant person should take the right amount of balanced diet in the morning. If there are any of the symptoms of gestational diabetes, then he must adhere to a particular diet list. The food list should be such that 40 percent Protein, 40 percent of sugar and 20 percent fat is available per day. For this reason, a diabetic specialist doctor must consult the food list.
  • Regular blood sugar examinations and insulin levels should be determined.
  • Regular blood pressure is measured, it is necessary to check whether the pregnant baby is getting better.
  • After delivery, the baby will be given to eat the mother’s milk sooner.
  • Get regular gyne or diabetes specialist advice.

Finally, if symptoms of gestational diabetes are present, take advice from gynecologists or diabetes specialist doctors more quickly.

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