Pregnancy food chart: What Should be the Pregnancy Food Chart

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Pregnancy food chart

Pregnant women are almost always worried about pregnancy food chart. Many are worried about what to eat and not eat, what nutrients are there in the food. Some are worried about excess weight. The pregnancy food chart should be such that there is adequate nutrition. Pregnant mothers should always keep in mind that the baby’s nourishment gets nourishment from her mother. Mother’s wellness and child’s wellness depend on pregnancy food chart. A healthy mother can give birth to healthy, vigorous children. It is therefore important to take care of pregnant mothers. Pregnant mother’s diet, such as nutrition and health, will be accepted, so keep yourself clean. According to doctors’ advice if pregnant mother lacks of food shortage, then the child will lose weight and the child’s size will be small. Besides, due to lack of food, children may die during pregnancy. There may also be death after the birth of a child. The baby is born before the time comes. As a result, the child is immature. There is also a risk of miscarriage.

Pregnancy food chart Common concept

Many people have different disadvantages of pregnancy food charts. Generally, these problems arise in undeveloped countries. They do not eat appropriate food because of ignorance. Many of them think that if the mother eats more food than the baby will become extra large, then the child will not be born normally. For this reason, they give the pregnant little amount of food. But they do not know it, it can be a terrible danger to mother and child. Again, many people think that pregnant mother needs twice the amount of food needed in the past. But it is very harmful for pregnant mothers. If a pregnant mother takes extra food, her body weight will increase. If the pregnant mother increases of extra weight. Then the death of the child is born or there is a possibility of the birth of a small child in size. For that reason, pregnancy food chart should be such that it contains nutritious food. The goods must be quantity and health. And all the elements will be present in the food.

What should be the pregnancy food chart?

The pregnancy food chart should be such that the following requirements may be fulfill.

  • Provide adequate strength during childbirth.  
  • Raising the child properly.  
  • Protecting the mother’s health.  
  • Increase the immunity of the mother’s body.  
  • Breastfeeding after childbirth. 

The pregnancy food chart should be prepared in such a way that it can fulfill the requirements above.

Pregnancy food chart

The pregnancy food chart should be kept in foods.


The pregnancy food chart should contain protein foods. A pregnant woman will have 90-100 grams of protein foods eat daily. It is a little more than the other person. This amount of protein is found in medium size three pieces of meat. Besides, proteins are available from fish, meat, milk, eggs, nuts, beans and pulses.

The amount of protein available from the food is given below:

Milk 200 ml= 7 gm protein.

Egg 1 pcs  =13.28gm protein.

Chicken leg 100gm = 19gm protein.

Dale  1 katore  = 7gm protein.

Almonds  30 gm = 5.4gm protein.

Benefits of Protein

Protein is very beneficial for pregnant mothers. Protein helps in the formation of embryonic baby cells and brain. It also increases mother’s breast cells and is suitable for childbirth.


Pregnancy food chat needs to contain calcium. Calcium demand for pregnant women is higher than others. Eating as much calorie intake as possible before pregnancy, the first three months of pregnancy will be eaten up to the same food every day. In the next three months, we need 300 calories and the last three months require more than 200 calories. If a pregnant woman is eating 1500 calories for the first three months than in the second three months 1500 + 300 = 1800 calories and In the next three months 1800 + 200 = 2000 calories. This should increase the calorie intake of protein-rich foods.

The amount of calcium available from the food is discussed below

Milk 100ml =118mg Calcium.

Rage 30gms = 109mg Calcium. 

Cookies leaves 100gms = 216mg Calcium. 

Horsegram 30gms = 80.7mg Calcium. 

Green Amaranth leaves 100gms = 330mg Calcium. 

Pioneer 40gms = 190mg Calcium. 

Sea crab 100gms = 332mg Calcium. 

Matthew 100gms = 274mg Calcium.

Folic Acid

The pregnancy food chart must contain Folic Acid. Before pregnancy, folic acid and iron-rich foods should be eaten more. Folic acid deficiency is more probable to occur during pregnancy. Folic acid is found in mango, papaya, meat, Baku, dates, tomatoes, watermelon, green vegetable, etc. For the first three months of pregnancy, 600 microchemicals of folic acid and 27 milligrams of iron are required daily.

What is the amount of folic acid in the food is discussed below

Mango ripe 100gm = 90mcg Folic Acid.

Animal liver 100gm = 178mcg Folic Acid.

Chicken leg 100gm = 103mcg Folic Acid.

Papaya 100gm = 60mcg Folic Acid.


It is important to keep Vitamin-rich foods in the pregnancy food chart. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K are also needed for pregnant women. Vitamin A and B are very beneficial for the body formation. Vitamin K is very important for preventing pregnancy. Vitamin C is very beneficial for pregnant mother’s skin and newborn skin and hair. These vitamins are available from meat, milk, eggs, hilsa fish, cod liver oil, butter, carrot, spinach, red cheese, pulses, potatoes, etc. Vitamin is also available from oranges, onions, peaches, amlokis etc. A pregnant mother needs 80 to 100 milligrams of vitamin a day daily.


The pregnancy food chart should contain fat foods. A good source for energy is greasy foods. They use soluble vitamins in fat. These vitamins ensure the proper structure of the nervous system. Ghee, oil, butter, meat is available from the fat.

In addition to the above mentioned, the pregnancy should be on the food chart, including iron, calories, and carbohydrates.

Pregnancy food chart, according to pregnant mother trimester

According to trimester, pregnancy food chart is divided into three categories. Pregnancy is usually more than 9 months away. This 9 months are divided into 3 parts. First trimester for the first three months, second trimester for the second three months and Since 6 months the baby is called the third trimester until birth. According to trimester, discussed pregnancy food chart.

Pregnancy food chart – First trimester daily 1600 calories


  • Bread  = 60 grams.
  • Eggs 1 pcs.
  • Vegetable wishes.
  • 1 glass Orange juice.

10-11 in the morning:

  • Turns / Cakes / Small roll with peanut butter = 60 grams.


  • Rice = 240 grams.
  • Fish / meat = 60 grams.
  • Pulses half cup.
  • Vegetable wishes.


  • 2 Fig roll.


  • Like noon.

Before sleeping:

  • 250ml of milk.

Pregnancy food chart- Second trimester daily 1900 calories:


  • Bread = 90 grams.
  • Eggs = 1 pcs.
  • Meat 2 pieces (small).
  • Vegetable wishes.

10-11 in the morning:

  • Milk = 1 cup.
  • Small roll with peanut butter = 30 grams + fruits.


  • Rice = 300 grams.
  • Fish / meat = 100 gm.
  • 2 cups of pulse.
  • Vegetable wishes.


  • Like noon.

Before sleeping:

  • Milk = 250gm.

Pregnancy food chart- The third trimester daily 2200 calories:


  • Bread = 150 grams.
  • Egg = 1 PCS.
  • Vegetable wishes.

10-11 in the morning:

  • Milk = 1 cup.
  • Any breakfast = 70 grams + fruit.


  • Rice = 350 gm.
  • Fish / meat = 120 gm.
  • Pulse = 1 cup.
  • Vegetable wishes.


  • Milk made breakfast = 80 gm.
  • Pulses made breakfast + fruit.


  • Like noon.

Before bed:

  • 1 glass milk.

But considering your age, physical condition, weight, pregnancy food chart may be less. For this reason, consult your doctor.

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