Do You Want to Know How to Stop pregnancy

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Do You Want to Know How to Stop pregnancy

Many are worried about how to stop pregnancy. Many people do not like unsuitable time pregnancy. That’s why they have to worry about during physical relationships. How to stop pregnancy is discussed below..

Use of Condom-How to Stop pregnancy

Use of Condom at Periods

How to stop pregnancy or to stop the pregnancy, among those methods, the use of condoms in the period is one of the most important.During pregnancy it is possible to stop pregnancy by using condoms. During the girls’ period, many people do sex without using condoms. But there are risks at the time. Many people think there is no possibility of pregnancy during the period. In addition to sex without the condom during period, there may be various infections.

So, it is possible to stop pregnancy by using condoms during the period.

Avoid using hands

If the per-ejaculation is given by the hands of the penis after the emission or with the hand holding semen, then you should wash the hands with a tissue paper and then put the condom. Because the emission may have sperm. If there is sperm for any reason, it may take place outside the condom. Consequently, despite condom wear, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Avoid touch

To bring the penis in touch with the vagina, we must wear the condom. Because of the pre-ezaculation, there is the possibility of having sperm dropdown. Semen is a living organism that can survive for 5 days of drowsiness. When this semen comes in touch with vaginal juice, it can reach the ovaries through the vaginal juice. As a result, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Withdrawal risk

Many people use withdrawal methods. Many people think that this method is the most effective method of avoiding pregnancy. In this case, prior to ejaculation, the penis vagina was taken from inside. However, there is a possibility of it. Because the vagina juice that is released from the penis before the ejaculation, many of these sperm survives. Apart from this, ejaculation may start before the entire withdrawal.

Contraception ring

How to stop pregnancy, using contraceptive rings is one of the ways to stop pregnancy. According to the doctor’s suggestion that if the vaginal ring can be placed inside the vagina, but there is no possibility of conception for 21 days. According to this method, a new ring will be placed after each period. During the intercourse, a special hormone is released from these rings. Which disables the semen. This ring girls can push themselves inside the vagina. These rings are a lot like an appellant.

Contraception prison

If there is talk of how to stop pregnancy, then one of the contraceptive jails is one. There are many contraceptive gels for girls. Using these with the condoms can prevent the possibility of pregnancy to be 99 percent. They look like small tablets. It must be pushed into the vaginal at least 5 minutes before the applicator interforce. When physical tension arises, the suppressor melts the gel and a cover is formed. The sperm is actually damaged in contact with this jail. There is no side effect in it. It does not have any effect on sexual excitement or satisfaction. However, according to the doctor’s advice, the applicator should be used.

contraceptive injection

How to stop pregnancy or to stop the pregnancy, contraceptive injection is one of the methods. 99% more effective than this injection pill. An injection can save pregnancy for up to 3 months. But these three months will not period. These injections are usually pushed to the arm.


How to stop pregnancy, IUD is one of the ways to stop pregnancy. This is one kind of device. Which is to be installed on the utilities. It contains a special type of hormone, which destroys semen.  This does not affect the period.

Contraception untwist

How to stop pregnancy is a method that is used as a contraceptive untwist. It is usually to wear in the arm. It looks like skin color. This untwist  causes emission to special hormones. It enters the body through the skin. A untwist  works up to 7 days. It is necessary to wear it for the next three weeks except for the first week of the period. However, this patch may increase the amount of estrogen in the body. Contraceptive Implant works the same way. It is through arm surgery. Once the surgery is 3 years pregnant is not probability. However, this untwist  should not be wear without the doctor’s advice.

By eating pill

How to stop pregnancy, the most popular method is to birth control through pill. In this manner, after one to three days of the period of 3-4 days, one tablet per day.

Emergency pill

Emergency pill is one of the reasons for how to stop pregnancy. Emergency pill is a hormonal birth control method. An emergency contraceptive pill is a method that is not likely to have a child in fetus if it is taken within a certain time after unsafe sexual intercourse. Women take emergency pills to prevent unexpected pregnancy. However, emergency pills prevent pregnancy but do not cause miscarriage.

Emergency contraceptive pill works the way.

  • Obstructed oval.
  • Binding on destruction.
  • By changing the uterus and endometrium, the fertilized egg does not allow the uterus to be formed.

Female Condom

How to stop pregnancy, female condom is one of the most important contraceptives. Female Condom is now more readily available. No prescription is required to purchase it. It can be used instead of male Condom. But male condom and female condom can not be used together. However female condom 79 present for contraception is effective. It is usually found in drugstores.


How to stop pregnancy, it is one of the Diaphragm contraceptives. Diaphragm acts as a contravention of contraception. It is keep in the vagina. Diaphragm sperm should be used before it is used. However Diaphragm is effective in 90 percent. It is about 5 hours before sexual intercourse. Sexual relationship for the next 6 hours is safe. Diaphragm will be removed after 24 hours.

Contraceptive Sponge

Contraceptive sponge is very important to stop pregnancy. It is a birth control method. It’s made of polyurethane foam. It involves the sperm to interfere with the vagina. Contraceptive Sponge 76 to 88 percent effective. It is available in any drugstore.

Male Surgery

Male Surgery is one of the ways in which to stop pregnancy. The name of this man’s surgery is Vesectomy. This surgery can be done very easily. This can be done in a health care center without the unconsciousness of men. This surgery has no effect on male sexual orientation. In this case, the testicles are not removed. In this case the semen comes out in the same way, but there is no sperm in it.

Caution: if you adopt this method then there will be no future child.

Female Surgery

How to stop pregnancy, this is why women are given surgery to stop pregnancy. The name of this surgery for women is Naly Ligation. This means that the duct are tied. This method, under the belly button there is a little cut. Because the canals from the ovaries can be cut off. It is done in the health center. There is no unconscious in this situation. This method has no effect on the menstrual cycle. There is no effect on sexual harassment and it can make sexual activity more enjoyable because it is unlikely to be pregnant.

Caution: if you adopt this method then there will be no future child.

Conclusion: Finally, How to stop pregnancy, the above mentioned methods are very effective.

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