What Is Gestational Diabetes

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What Is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is increasing day by day. So we need to know  what is it? Studies have shown that, Every ten percent of women have the possibility of it. Some types of hormones are produced from the womb to grow during pregnancy. For this hormone, glucose is produced in the mother’s body. The mother’s body is suddenly not ready for this change and Insulin cannot release enough amounts. This leads to increased blood glucose levels and gestational diabetes occurs. That means blood glucose levels of empty stomachs are 6.1 milimol or more Or 7.8 gm or more than 2 hours after eating 75 grams of glucose, then he was identified as it.

Signs of gestational diabetes

There is no sign of it.There are no specific signs of it, but for many, the following symptoms can be seen.

1. Extra thirst is available.

2. Vaginal and skin infections.

3. Blurred vision.

4. Extra urination.

5. Urine repeatedly.

6. Nausea.

7. Despite the increase of appetite, the weight of the body decreased.

8. Abnormal fatigue.

These symptoms are seen among many pregnant women.In this case, to ensure that you have diabetes during pregnancy, to check for diabetes.

If Gestational Diabetes is caused by the mother’s problems

Gestational diabetes is one of the problems that the mother creates..

1.  There is a possibility of miscarriage.

2. Diabetes does not want to be controlled.

3. The fetal fetus is dead.

4. The amount of water in the womb increases.

5. If there is an eye or kidney problem before pregnancy, it is likely to increase.

6. The size of the child can be bigger.

7. Childbirth problems can be caused.

8. Unborn baby may be born.

9. Mother’s blood pressure increased.

10. The increased risk of childbirth is increased.

Gestational diabetes can cause all the problems that a child may have

The following are the problems that children may face when they are …

1. The weight of the baby can be unusual (Can be more than 4 kg)

2. At the time of birth, the level of glucose in the baby may go  down           uncomfortable.  

3. Calcium and magnesium can decrease in blood.

4. Jaundice may occur.

5. Breathing can occur.

6. Blood calcium and magnesium may be reduced.

7. Birth defect can occur.

8. Children are more likely to develop diabetes.

Those who may have Gestational Diabetes

Those who have, it can be discussed below..

1. Previously, there were multiple abortions.

2. If you are 25 years old or older, you may have diabetes in 


3. If a person dies before birth, then such a person is born.

4. Genetics for someone with diabetes.

5. A person who had infertility for a long time.

6. If the body weight is excess.

7. If you do not have to work hard.

8. In the past, giving birth to 4 kg or more children.

9. High blood pressure and if the mother is a smoker.

If any of these symptoms are there, they may cause gestational diabetes.

The way to control gestational diabetes

There are ways to control it.

1. Control gestational diabetes through a healthy diet and exercise.

2. Maintain proper weight during pregnancy.

3. Ensure adequate nutrition for both the mother and the Womb of the


4. Keep blood glucose control.

The way to avoid gestational diabetes

To avoid gestational diabetes, you need to control body weight before pregnancy. Since when you plan to conceive,you have to be careful since then.If you have high body weight, then you are likely to have diabetes during pregnancy. There is a risk of diabetes for the child after 30 years. If someone in your family is Type 2 diabetes, in that case you have the risk of it. If you have diabetes during the first pregnancy, the second time there is risk of diabetes during pregnancy.

If you have gestational diabetes, then do your things

If you have gestational diabetes, then you have to do some things.Pregnancy is a big event in women’s lives. As well as increased mental pressure. Many people have been diagnosed with diabetes before pregnancy. That means both mother and child fall into risk if there is no control over diabetes in pregnancy. You should control blood glucose and sugar during pregnancy. If glucose and sugar are not controlled, In this case, both the mother and the child can cause different problems.

Targets for gestational diabetes control

The patient’s blood glucose level below the morning breakfast is below 6.0 mmol/L and after eating, the blood glucose level should be kept below 6.0 mmol/L. HbA1c levels will be kept below 6.5% mmol/L. Blood pressure must be placed below 130/80. During pregnancy, we should keep in mind that we have increased  weight of 10-15 kg. Diabetes patients need to learn to measure blood

glucose manually by glaucometer.  Patients should regularly monitor glucose at home. If you have any problems, contact your doctor very quickly.

Gestational diabetes can be administered medicines in front of the control

Safety in eating medicine to control it, studies have not been proven. However, mood swings can not successfully control gestational diabetes. Insulin can be used as well as eating medication. However, if the diabetes is treated with insulin, it can be controlled very quickly. In this case, the normal weight of the baby is born.

Gestational diabetes patient’s body care

Gestational diabetes patients must take care of each organ of the body. Example: foot care. The foot is an important part of the human body. Diabetes patients may

have different disadvantages of the foot. Generally, when the nervous system is ineffective and the problem of blood supply decreases the feeling of the feet decreases. If there is any injury to the foot, then the legs may become depleted. In this case, some measures can be taken..

1. Do not walk down the hollow and wear soft and comfortable shoes.

2. Regular foot nails, be careful in this case so that the finger  does not hurt.

3. Do not pour extra hot water on the legs.

4. Wash regular feet and wash with dry cloth

5. Do regular exercises.

6. If there is a wound anywhere in the body, then consult a doctor.


Do not stop insulin without consulting the doctor. Do not drink unnecessary pain medicine. Do not drink unnecessary pain medicine, kidney problems can occur.

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