Gestational Diabetes Symptoms-Treatment and Avoid Food List.

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What are Gestational Diabetes Symptoms?

Gestational diabetes symptoms are not understand, which we cannot understand, that the mother has been pregnant diabetic. Diabetes is usually detect when the blood glucose is measure in pregnancy checkups between the pregnant women between the ages of 24 and 28 weeks. If the doctor thinks you have the risk of having diabetes, then you are ask to check for diabetes during the ANC check. During pregnancy, various outbreaks of diabetes are call Gestational Diabetes Symptoms.

For that reason Gestational Diabetes Symptoms can occur

The reason Gestational Diabetes Symptoms can occur is that..

  • Women who have been diagnose with diabetes during pregnancy and have heart disease.
  • If you are age 25 years of age at the time of your pregnancy.
  • Those who have high blood pressure.
  • If someone in your family has diabetes.
  • If your weight is higher before pregnancy.
  • If you have already given birth to 4 kg weight.
  • If you have diabetes before.
  • Whose blood is below the HDL cholesterol 35 and triglycerides greater than 250.

There are also some other reasons. During pregnancy, the effect of some hormones, reduces the efficiency of insulin. As a result, blood glucose levels increase. Which causes Gestational Diabetes Symptoms to occur. Pregnant mothers produce from the womb Cortisol, human placental lactogen, progesterone, prolactin etc hormones block blood insulin to do its work. As a result of obstructing insulin can not transfer blood glucose to the proper amount of cells in the body. This is the main cause of Gestational Diabetes Symptoms.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Gestational diabetes symptoms are discuss below..

 • Might be visually impair in the eyes of a pregnant woman.

• Often urine may be released.

• There may be various infections in the vagina and the skin.

• May feel extra fatigue.

 • Extra water can cause thirst.

 • May cause nausea. Occasionally there may be vomiting.

 • Weight may decrease despite the increase of appetite.

• Frequent urinary infections.

There are more symptoms in addition to the above mentioned symptoms.

 • Occasionally the body is spray .Arthritis.

• Frequent switching glasses.

 • Burning Legs.

• Feeling uneasy.

• The body wounds do not dry easily.

 If you have these symptoms, then contact the most urgent Doctor treatment

 The list of gestational diabetes symptoms will appear

Gestational diabetes symptoms are the ones to eat, discussed below. Gestational diabetes requires a dietary guidance for a balanced diet plan. All types of nutrition materials are available from health food to body requirements and the risk of heart disease and other diseases is greatly reduce. However, gestational diabetes patients may seek nutrition advice.

Food Guide

  • The amount of starch and sugar in your body is need for the day you can eat and eat   differently. It is not advisable to eat more than enough starch and carbohydrates.
  • There are different types of food in the food.
  • After the meal, blood sugar should be measure so that it shows how food has had an effect on sugar.
  • The food plan should be done early, so that it can be eat by everyone in the family. Pregnant women need all nutrition, especially iron and folic acid.
  • On the second and third months of pregnancy, an additional 300 calories are need. Daily diet and breakfast will be done in the field. So that the blood sugar decreases during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The diet should be divide into small meals a day.
  • Food as well as cucumbers, vegetables, fruits, oils, milk and dairy products, fish, meat and meat are good.With food every day fat or sugar  less you can add it,s good.
  • The foods that are said to eat more than those foods are high and  The foods that have been ask to eat less, eat less.
  • Diet and lifestyle should be improve gradually.
  • You need to get help with the nutrition plan.
  • If you do not tolerate milk, then you must collect from Calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients.

Regular control of gestational diabetes symptoms

Gestational diabetes Symptoms are the ways of controlling..

  • For both the children of the womb and the mother, adequate nutrition is to be ensure.
  • During pregnancy, proper weight should be maintained.
  • Blood glucose levels should be adjust according to the doctor’s advice.
  • If insulin injection takes place, you should take the advice of the doctor.
  • The right foods must be take to the right level.
  • Must have physical activity and normal functioning activities.
  • Living a Healthy Life.
  • Avoid Fast Food and Cold-Drinks.
  • Drink plenty of pure water every day.
  • Do not sit in the long run continuously.

Gestational diabetes symptoms can be controlled if these rules apply.

Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

When a woman is pregnant, she changes her body. If there is diabetes in pregnancy, then the mother needs proper treatment. Gestational diabetes symptoms will arise after treatment..

 • Check after a few days.

• Keep blood sugar normal by consulting the doctor.

• Measure regular blood sugar. If possible, 2-3 times a day

 • Do not eat extra fat foods.

 However, as quickly as possible, consult a specialist doctor.

Gestational diabetes symptoms should not be ignore.

Gestational diabetes symptoms can not be neglect. If these symptoms are neglect during pregnancy, then pregnant mother and child will be damaged. Even babies may be up with diabetes. If the Gestational Diabetes Symptoms are not properly ignore, both mother and child will be healthy. So Gestational Diabetes Symptoms should not be neglect.

Gestational diabetes symptoms, which are need to be avoided when the symptoms arise.

Some foods should be avoid when Gestational Diabetes Symptoms arises. Due to these foods, it is not possible to control diabetes. The foods that need to be avoid are those.

Fruit juice-Gestational Diabetes Symptom

Fruit juice

The fruit juice that is available in the market, it is harmful for the diabetic patient. Avoiding this juice and eating fruit is very healthy. Because the fruit juice found in the market is high in sugar and chemical, which is unhealthy.

White bread-Gestational Diabetes Symptom

White bread

Not just bread, these foods made with white flour are easy to digest, but the amount of sugar in the food is much more. These foods bind to the control of glucose in the body. Since this diabetic patients are not good enough to eat foods made with white flour.

Raisin-Gestational Diabetes Symptom


Raisin is a health tax meal. But the basin is unhealthy for diabetic patients.

Alcoholic Foods-Gestational Diabetes Symptom

Alcoholic Foods

Alcoholic food is very harmful for Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes patients.

Diabetes can not be control if you do not avoid these foods.

So,finally it can be said that, If gestational diabetes symptoms occur then you should take action very quickly. Should consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible and should follow the different rules.

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