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Avoid pregnancy food

Introduction: Avoid pregnancy food to Many people take many steps. It is advise to eat nutritious foods normally during pregnancy. But avoid pregnancy food what foods should be avoi, She needs to know about all the food. Thinking about you and your baby, you have to leave a lot of food. If you adhere to some rules of eating during pregnancy, you will be very healthy yourself and your child can be born safely. There are some harmful foods that will harm you and your child. Let’s know pregnancy food to avoid what food.

Avoid pregnancy food-Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish

Avoid pregnancy food in those foods, deep sea fish is very harmful for pregnant women. Fish are very important in pregnancy foods. But you have to be careful in determining this fish. Sea fish is very beneficial for health. But due to eating more sea fish, the baby’s nervous system is damaged. Because sea fish have mercury, which can damage the nervous system of the baby. Crab is a favorite food. But crabs have high levels of calcium. It causes internal straining of the uterus by contracting internal bleeding. Crab also has high levels of cholesterol. It is harmful for pregnant women. There are also many saline water fishes, including tuna fish, shark fish, and extra mercury chemicals, whose poisoning can lead to poor fetal embryos.

Solution: The amount of pregnancy will be in the sea fish sector.

Avoid pregnancy food-semi-seasoned papaya

Raw or semi-seasoned papaya

Avoid pregnancy food in those foods, raw or semi-cooked papaya is very harmful for pregnant women. Raw papaya contains an element called latex. This material helps to cause miscarriage. But according to the doctor’s advice, ripe papaya can be eaten. But ripe papaya does not harm pregnant women. However, papaya that is used by chemicals is harmful to pregnant women. However, the problem with eating raw papaya is not right. However, eating raw papaya is at risk of abortion. However, during pregnancy, all types of papaya should be avoided.

Solution: During pregnancy, ripe papaya should be eaten on the tree.

Avoid pregnancy food-Pineapple


Avoid pregnancy food which is one of the pineapple to avoid. The pineapple  should not be eaten for the first three months of pregnancy. Because there is a type of material called bromelain in the pineapple . Due to bromelain, allergy to the mother, diarrhea can even lead to abortion. So avoid pineapple from the food list at the time of pregnancy.

Solution: Avoid pineapple during pregnancy.

Unclean Vegetables

It is very important to eat vegetables during pregnancy. But vegetables can not eat unclean or raw vegetables. It can be parasitic attacked. As a result, more likely to damage the pregnant mother.

Solution: Vegetables should be well cooked and cooked.

Raw or semi-perfect meat

Avoid pregnancy food raw or semi-finished meat should be avoided. Raw meat has coli-form bacteria, salmonella. Apart from that, tacroplasmosis is harmful for pregnant mother’s health. To cook fish and meat, cook at 145 degrees temperature.

Solution: During pregnancy, meat will be cooked properly and fed.

Raw eggs

The main source of egg protein. It is compulsory to have eggs in pregnant women’s daily diet list. But avoid eating raw eggs should be avoid. There is a bacterium called Salmonella in the raw egg. The bacteria can cause diarrhea, fever and vomiting.

Eggs must be well cooked, so that bacteria are destroyed.

Solution: Raw eggs will boil by eating.

Raw milk

Avoid pregnancy food In those foods, raw milk is very harmful for pregnant women.Milk is extremely important for pregnant mothers. But raw milk is harmful for health. The raw milk contains listeria called bacteria. These bacteria are harmful for the health of mother and child. There are some foods that are made from raw milk. All these foods should be avoided.

Solution: The raw milk should be cooked and cooked.

Avoid pregnancy food-Discrete Fruit Juices

Discrete Fruit Juices

Unsaturated fruit juice is harmful to pregnant mother. Salmonella bacteria in opiate fruit juice. Which is very harmful for pregnant women. But fruit juice should be pasted by drinking it.

Solution: Fruit juice should definitely be purified by drinking it.

Alcohol-rich foods

Avoid pregnancy food containing alcohol are very harmful. It creates obstacles in the formation of various organs such as nerves, brains etc..

Solution: Avoid alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.


Sushi foods are very popular in Japanese. This meal is used in semi-finished meat and sea fish. That contains bacteria. Thereby causing a lot of damage to the body. Their favorite food is to be dropped from the food list.

Solution: Avoid sushi foods.


Avoid pregnancy food In those foods, caffeine is very harmful for pregnant women.Extra caffeine is harmful for the body. Consuming more than 200 mg of caffeine daily is harmful for the body. Coffee or tea removes body fatigue. But tea and coffee contain caffeine. Therefore, tea and coffee should be taken less during pregnancy. Low-weight children are born as a result of extra caffeine drink.

Solution: Tea and coffee like pregnancy should be taken.


There are plenty of vitamins A in the lungs. Additional Vitamin A causes damage in early pregnancy. Take a specialist doctor’s advice to find out how much Vitamin A is needed for you at this time. It is important to remember that, every meal you eat is very important for your child.

Solution: According to the doctor’s advice, eat as much lungs.


Avoid pregnancy food in those foods, grapes is very harmful for pregnant women.Grapes are the favorites of many peoples. But avoid grapes during pregnancy. Grapes are likely to warm the stomach after eating. This results in diarrhea caused problems.

Solution: Avoid eating extra grapes.


Crab is a popular meal. Many people like to eat crabs. Crab contains high levels of calcium. But avoiding excess crab during pregnancy will be avoided. It causes internal straining of the uterus by contracting internal bleeding. Crab also has high levels of cholesterol. Which is harmful for pregnant women.

Solution: Avoid eating crab during pregnancy.


Avoid pregnancy food the Drumstick will be removed from the list. Drumstick contains iron, potassium, vitamins. These are quite useful for the body. There is an element called alpha-virtuosity. That is why it is harmful during pregnancy and may cause abortion.

Solution: Avoid Drumstick during pregnancy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is quite beneficial for the body. It is very beneficial for hair, skin and digestion. However, aloe vera juice during pregnancy may cause abortion. So,You should be avoided to eat aloe vera juices.

Solution: Prevent abstinence from aloe Vera juice during pregnancy.

Sesame seeds

Avoid pregnancy food is one of them, among which sesame seed is one of the most. With honey mixed with sesame seeds, miscarriage can cause abortion. So, eating sesame seeds and honey together is harmful for pregnant women.

Solution: Avoid eating sesame seeds and honey together.


Carrot is beneficial for the body. But pregnant women should avoid eating extra carrots. Because carrots contain beta carotene. Additional Beta carotene in the body causes disorders of the skin and the embryo. There is no scientific evidence in this regard. But should be accepted according to the doctor’s advice.

Solution: The carrots should not be eaten without consulting the doctor.

Grated potatoes

Avoid pregnancy food is the food, among which the Grated potatoes one.Germinated potatoes are harmful for everyone’s health. When potatoes sprout, the toxic substances in potato appear and these toxic substances are harmful to health. Green shoots contains elements called Solanin. This material prevents the growth of the embryo.

Solution: Avoid eating germinated potatoes.

Avoid pregnancy food-Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves

Avoid pregnancy food is the food, among which the coriander leaves one. But you can eat like amounts. Coriander leaves to reduce the chances of pregnancy. It creates acidity in the abdomen and creates stomach ulcers.

Solution: Coriander should be eaten like quantity of leaves.

Cigarette and Wine

Avoid pregnancy food Cigarettes and alcohol have to be avoided. Smoking and drinking are harmful for health. During pregnancy smoking and drinking alcohol prevents the normal development of the pregnant baby. In the case of smokers, more likely to be a child with disabilities. So, they have to be careful about food.

Solution: Avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

Allergy-induced food

Avoid pregnancy food is the food, among which allergy-related food is one. During pregnancy, avoid allergic foods. The study said that all these foods during pregnancy may be allergic to the child during pregnancy.

Solution: During pregnancy, avoid allergic foods.

Sugar rich foods

Avoid sugar-rich foods such as cakes, candies, ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, sweet potato,etc. Sweet foods increase the risk of diabetes during pregnancy and increase body weight. If the mother is diabetic, then the child is likely to have diabetes.

Solution: Avoid sugar-rich foods during pregnancy.

Street foods

Avoid pregnancy food among which there is food, street foods are one of the most important. Because these foods are unhealthy. Which can damage pregnant mother and child. Problems such as diarrhea, circulatory, and flatulence can occur in all foods.

Solution: Avoid street foods during pregnancy.

Excess Vitamin

Avoid pregnancy food is one of the foods that are rich in excess vitamins. Foods that have extra fat, they have to avoid all the food. Because of the extra fat diet, your body fat will increase and there will be harmful effects on the mother and the embryo.

Solution: Avoid excess vitamins in pregnancy.


Chili needs it for every cooking. But avoid extra Chili and extra hot foods during pregnancy. The child may be born before you eat of extra Chili.

Solution: Accept the amount of the Chili.


Capsicum is beneficial enough for the body. But the capsicum will be avoided every day from the list of pregnant mothers.

Solution: Capsicum will avoid eating everyday. But sometimes it can be eaten.


Avoid pregnancy food is one of the food that is eaten, beat food.The beet is very beneficial for health. It contains lots of vitamins and iron. The beet is a hot vegetable that can cause bleeding during pregnancy.

Solution: You can eat a lot like a beat. Avoid eating extra beet.


Avoid pregnancy food is one of the foods that is one of the brinjal. Brinjal is a favorite vegetable of popular. It is one of the main sources of iron. Specialize idea, brinjal is a vegetable that can be risky for pregnancy. Apart from eating brinjal, allergy-related problems may arise in the body.

Solution: Avoid brinjal during pregnancy.

Liver of animal

The animal liver is a popular food and it is a healthy diet. There are enough vitamins in it. As a result of eating animal liver every day, may cause damage to the embryo.

Solution: There will be no harm in eating once or twice a month. However, it is better to avoid eating.

Conclusion: Finally, it can be said that,the above mentioned foods should be avoided during pregnancy. All that needs to eat like the amount of food, She will be in the field of food all the way.

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