About Us

informwiki.com was specially designed to help out a wide range of smart people who like to find health & Beauty solutions from the blogs and other open sources. informwiki.com appreciates because you like to read our blog from thousands of other health & Beauty blogs. We hope you’ll keep visiting our blog wherever you are and whatever you do.

Our wide range of readers from different countries frequently wants to know about our aims and activities. On the other side, some of our honorable visitors like to know about our inspirations of publishing various valuable health and wellness tips.

Answering to the first group of our regular readers-

Our Aims are many. But our only sacred aim is to serve you people who trust us and relay on us. And also the people who have a thick believe in our provided information, tips and advices.

Honestly speaking, our sole activity is offering scientifically backed health information, advices, tips and other medical suggestions to our readers.

Now, to the people who have expressed their willingness to know about our sources of encouragement and inspiration of untiringly publishing hundreds of blog posts.

Without pretending, www.informwiki.com is declaring that you and only you are our sources of all inspiration and power to going ahead.

In the early days before the beginning of our blog we have made a pledge that, we will publish the truth and we will talk for the wellness of mankind. We also promised that, our blog will never promote any kind of harmful information that can be injurious to health.

General Declaration

The information, tips and suggestions in our blog don’t intend to cure your diseases or do not promise to improve your health. The information basically provided for the learning purposes only. It is advisable that before practicing any of the tips and suggestions in this blog you should consult with your physician to justify the information.