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What is the sound mental health?

To know sound mental health, first of all you need to know what sound pollution is? In short, man-made harmful high sound for human health. For this, transport, transporting of vehicles is a serious role. Generally, excessive noise, air, train, truck, bus, etc, creates high sound. The intensity of the sound is the size of the single decibel (DB) level when the body starts to lose 45 Decibels or greater. Besides, 85 decibel cause hearing loss and 120 dB. Hearing power begins to cause earache. Normally, mental health that results from noise pollution is called Sound mental health.

Children’s effects on sound mental health

Sound mental health problem is increasing day by day. Basically due to noise pollution, the mental health of the child is being interrupted. Sound pollution has a negative impact on people’s health, especially children’s health. Sound pollution creates obstacles to the physical and mental development of children. A part of the world’s largest population is constantly living in high levels of noise pollution and children and adults are facing problems with sound mental health. Due to this noise pollution, human life in the world is endangered today. Children are more prominent in terms of noise pollution. That’s why children are victims of Sound Mental Health. However, statistics show that the urban areas of the city are more likely to be disabled than the rural population. Experts have given the opinion that most of the sound pollution is responsible. The children are being victimized of Sound Mental Health. According to expert doctors, people are being affected due to heart problems, gastric, ulcer, coronary, thoracic, deafness, mental disorder, migraine, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, nervous instability etc. Especially children are more affected because of all these. It is said that children are facing problem with Sound mental health.

Sound mental health is the responsibility of protecting children:

Sound mental health is the responsibility of protecting children. Because if we regularly smoke noise, children will suffer from Sound mental health problem because sound pollution disrupts the mental health of the children. Sound pollution is one of the modern civilizations, associated with the problem of sound mental health. The level of sound pollution of urbanization is increasing day by day. Bus-trucks, motorbike horns generate signals of train signals, flight operations, call-factory sounds, generator electronics, and so on. Which is the biggest harm to children.

Sound mental health vs hearing loss.

The sound reduces the hearing power in people’s health. As long as the number of noise pollutants is increasing. The next generation will lose the hearing. It is not only hearing power, but also mentally causing huge damage. Every city in the world is going to increase this high sound. Not only will the next generation lose the hearing, there are many problems arising with high blood pressure, headache, untidy insomnia, peptic ulcer, lung problems. Excessive sound pollution causes child’s intelligence to be lost, pregnant mothers suffer from any serious harm. Besides, the sound of transport increases the risk of stroke, so in sound mental health that is not only harmful to hearing. It can damage the other organs of the body. There must be awareness against high sound to keep our hearing power in mind.

Sound mental health versus sound pollution sources.

All that is involved with sound mental health is discussed below..

  1. Different vehicles of the city. Such as buses, trucks, trains, motorcycles etc.
  2. Unplanned industrialization.
  3. High words on religious and social events.
  4. High sound of factories.
  5. Communication errors.
  6. Playing different songs in the melodious voice at the motels.
  7. Playing loud songs in different public gatherings.

World Health Organization’s comments about sound mental health:

The World Health Organization has published comments about sound mental health. According to the World Health Organization, If there is more than 60 decibel noise in any area, the area will be marked under noise pollution. According to The World Health Organization office, 30 to 40 decibels in the office room, In the class of educational institutions 30 to 40 decibels, 20 to 35 decibels in hospital, The restaurant has a tolerable range of 40 to 60 decibels. 60 decibels sound can be lost in human hearing  and with 100 decibels, you can lose hearing power forever. So, if more than that sounds, it will be considered as a sound mental health.

Sound mental health versus new generation

Talk about sound mental health and new generation. There is a lot more sound pollution than tolerable levels, the capital of the present world. Sound mental health in the world is being considered as a serious environmental problem. The health risk is increasing day by day due to excessive words and is suffering from mental problems. Sound pollution is the biggest loss to our new generation. They are suffering from mental problems due to the word of the word. As a result, our new generation is facing many losses. However, in our mental development, our help is needed to grow healthy. If we do not support these new generations, they will suffer a lot due to sound mental health, So all of us should be aware of them about sound mental health.

12% of people suffer from hearing loss and victims of sound mental health

About 12% of the people living in the city have lost hearing and have been victims of sound mental health. But 12% of the people who have lost hearing, they are also affected by sound mental health, as well as other people with sound mental health. But this is responsible for the high sound. On the one hand, high noise causes hearing loss, and on the other hand human health causes problems and mental problems. Therefore, it should be aware of sound mental health.

The possibility of deafness vs. sound mental health

Sound mental health is one of the topics discussed in the world. Not only mental health, but there is a lot more chance of deafness due to the word. According to the World Health Organization, the normal levels of human sounding are 40-50 Decibel. But it is noticed in major cities of the world that its level is more than 100 decibels. Which is far more than the normal level. In the meantime, hearing of 12% of the people has decreased hearing and deaf. In addition, blood pressure, cardiac complications, including cardiovascular disease, decrease fluid retention, brain disorders, mental stress, and other sound mental health. To prevent sound pollution, the US Center for hearing and communication has been following the Sound Awareness Day since 1996. So everyone should be aware of sound mental health. Because the extra word is an inexpensive killer.

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